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Welcome to the Team Page of
cruising cravens

cruising cravens Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $3,000.00
Total Raised: $2,150.00

Thank you for your support!!!!

I'm walking in support of the PKD foundation and their research!!!<br><br>"What's PKD" you ask? Ask me about PKD because I want to spread the word emphatically about PKD and the great work that the PKD foundation is doing. <br><br>Polycystic kidney disease is estimated to affect 1 in 500 people regardless of sex, age, or race. People with PKD may suffer from diminished kidney function that can ultimately lead to transplant or kidney failure. 40-50% of PKD patients ultimately have kidney failure. <br><br>Why do I walk? Because my family has been touched with PKD. I am that 1 in 500 statistic... I was diagnosed in 2009. Scary. But while my diagnosis is scary what drives me to pound the pavement and make donations to this research is the thought that my children have a 50% chance of also having PKD. <br><br>Imagine my fear when any of the children complain of a tummy ache. My mind immediately goes to their kidneys. <br><br>I raise funds for PKD research so that i know that if my children should also be diagnosed with PKD, the important research of the foundation will continue. Promising clinical testing offers hope and help to millions of people and we need this good work to continue. <br><br>The PKD foundation supports major research in the drive to find a treatment that will slow or reverse the progression of cysts in the kidneys. as you can imagine this is important to me and my family. Please consider a donation to the PKD foundation! Thank you!

Team Members:
Total Raised$2,150.00  
General Team Donation$1,525.00  
Sara Craven$625.00  
   Mike Craven$0.00  



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